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Sam Cross litigates in Williamson, Davidson and surrounding Middle Tennessee counties. Mr. Cross handles every clients’ case as if it were his own. He will always provide prompt, honest and straight forward communication while zealously advocating for clients’ rights and interests.

Sam was raised in Williamson County and is deeply committed to the community. He volunteers his time with local civic programs including Wills For Heroes; a program that provides Wills at no cost to local emergency first responders, police and firefighters. In his free time, Mr. Cross enjoys hiking with his wife and daughter in the beautiful local parks scattered across middle Tennessee.


Are you a TENANT? Has your landlord wrongfully threatened an eviction? Has your landlord refused to fix your air conditioner? Does your landlord repeatedly call and stop by to the point you feel harassed? Is your landlord trying to steal your security deposit? STOP getting pushed around. Know your rights, call Sam Cross today to learn your rights!

Are you a LANDLORD? Wondering whether you really need an attorney? The answer is yes. I have sued many well educated landlords on behalf of tenants who learn the hard way “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” (~Benjamin Franklin). It is much more profitable to have a relationship with an experienced landlord/tenant attorney so that you have peace of mind and, when the time comes to litigate, it is less expensive and effective.

Are you having a property dispute with a NEIGHBOR? Sometimes, a neighbor simply needs a letter from an attorney to do the right thing. Other times, they need to be brought to court. If you are having a property dispute with a neighbor, contact our office today to discuss your rights and your options.


Contracts. The legally binding power of a contract can either work for you or against you. Sure, you can attempt to write your own or print one off online, but I can’t promise it won’t come back to haunt you later. The first thing an attorney will ask you for when you come in over a contractual dispute is to view the contract. It is that critical. Contracts can quickly be reviewed, drafted and presented. As a result, you will have properly insulated against excessive or unnecessary litigation, damages, court costs and attorney fees. Call our office today to discuss creating a new contract, reviewing an existing contract, or litigating your rights under a contested contract.

Business Organization. Looking to start a business? Or maybe you want to reevaluate your current business structure. Our office can discuss your options and walk you through the business organization process.

Real Estate. Commercial leases can be highly complex and can drastically dictate your potential risks and responsibilities during the rental term. As a landlord or tenant, you need to have a legal professional walk you through the commercial lease process. Contact our office immediately before signing any commercial lease.


If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it is critical you speak with a lawyer immediately. Whether its a DUI, Domestic Assault, Drug Charges or other misdemeanor and felony criminal charges; you need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney.


  1. Be respectful and aware of the officer’s safety.
  2. Ask if you are being detained or free to go. If free to go, then leave.
  3. If detained, inform the officer you do not consent to searches.
  4. Inform the officer you want a lawyer and remain silent.
  5. The place to argue your case is in a courtroom, not outside of one.

Anything you say will be used against you. There may be many defenses to your case, but you consenting to a search or making an admission reduces your defenses to any unlawful arrest.

AN ORDER OF PROTECTION CAN LEAD TO AN ‘A MISDEMEANOR’ (1 YEAR IN JAIL). Whether you need one or need to defend against one, call our office immediately to setup an appointment.


Serving Middle Tennessee

To anyone looking for a lawyer Mr. Cross should be at the top of your list. He is a very nice and respectable person and does what he says we will do. But best of all he cares a lot about his clients and insured that I was ok from the time I retained him to the time my case was settled. If you hire him just know you have one of the best on your team from the start. I strongly advise you to go with the best.


Mr. Cross is an excellent attorney and did an amazing job representing me! I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs legal representation. He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable with the facts of the case and was able to win my case for me.


Mr. Cross handled my divorce case and did an excellent job. This was a very trying and emotional time but Mr. Cross gave me a peace of mind by handing my case with dignity and respect. This was my first marriage and no one plans for divorce going into a marriage but he gave me all the information I needed to keep my mind at ease. I would recommend Sam Cross to anyone facing this difficult time.